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Art that will make u feel things or not i can't tell u what to do.

Projects i'm currently working on.

Multiple Sclerosis over the years. 

MS over the years is a project I have begun since my own diagnosis. Every year on May 30 it's world MS day. I have since 2020 a painting made for the year on that day. I describe my feelings and experiences of that year with the disease. I want to collect about 10 years with this. I want to show through art what it is like to be young and chronic. It is sensitive and brings stories, and that is my goal. Not to be pitied, treated differently or shoved away, but simply to tell a story for young people who are sick. Even when it is not completely visible, I will make it visible through art. I would have been ashamed of it, but now all I can say about it is look how I hold this world with both hands, trying to make the best out of it. And of course see you in a few years at my MS exhibition.