Werberte Artworks
Art that will make u feel things or not i can't tell u what to do.

The Artist 

Hi there! My name is Renate, also known as Sinne Werberte. I am currently based in the Netherlands. I grew up with an interest in art, and luckily this never changed. When I was going to study at the art academy, I got diagnosed with the chronic disease MS. I struggled with this for a long time, how I started to feel okay with this since I was 16 at the time. I was in a phase in my life where I didn't know it well for a while and needed time to recover. So after finishing my high school I continued painting, making art in every way possible and experimenting my own interests instead of the art academy. I was in rehabilitation to get myself back on my feet, and besides this I had a lot of free time to get to know myself in art. I painted my feelings and looked at how I could put this as hard as possible on a canvas. Not only that, but I started using hard and bright colors. Colors that can evoke emotions but also describes them. Describing how my feelings prevail about certain subjects. Mostly everyday subjects, political subjects, diseases and surrealistic images. 

You can find me on Instagram @sinnewerberte 

For tattoos, please contact me on Instagram (@sinnewerberte) U can see all work in the story highlight and underneath here :)