The Artist


My name is Renate, known as Sinne Werberte. I am currently based in the Netherlands where I grew up with an interest in art and, luckily, this interest never went away. While starting my studies at the art academy at 16 I got diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, this put me through a journey of finding out how to adapt to this new reality in my life and what I still have to do every day. I was in a phase in my life where I didn't know how to feel okay with this and, therefore, needed time to recover. I was in rehabilitation for a while to get myself back on my feet (literally) and, besides this, I had a lot of free time to discover myself in art. So instead of continuing with the art academy, I continued painting, art therapy and experimenting with my interests. I painted my feelings and looked at how I could put this as relatable as possible on a canvas. Not only that, but I started using hard and bright colors. Colors that can evoke emotions while also emphasizing them. Expressing how my feelings prevail about certain subjects like illness awareness and a lot of other things that make me feel things (nice things but also really shit things). 

I hope it will make you feel something, or not, since I can't tell you what to do.

For your blackwork tattoos, please contact me on Instagram (@sinnewerberte).