EXPO AT JEUGD FESTIVAL starting from 25th of February in Library Helmond Peel.

DOE NORMAAL x DEPRESSION, in association with @roefsdaisy and @gemeentehelmond

These 4 paintings are there to discuss the nature of depression. How our society causes it and manages to suppress it at the same time. There is a shame surrounding this life event called depression, while the birth pf a child or wedding is one of the most normal things. From my illness, I have adopted chronic depression and often this is seen as 'I am always sad'. On the contrary, this is something where I have been able to get to know myself on a different level, and the strongest thing about this is being able to discuss my emotions and have a real conversation with people who are open for this too. What the average person is afraid of or doesn't think is worth it. But why is it that we deal so lazily with dark thoughts or gloomy days, and is it just society or is it taught to you by your ancestors, does it come with trauma or do you just develop it, and how? Is it the outside world getting too ugly? There are so many moments in life where you would prefer to disappear, and it's at those very moments that I ask you to use your voice. Communication is one of the most beautiful things a human being has, use it well.

''Never hesitate to talk to your loved ones about this issue. But is this too difficult and you need immediate help?
Call your GP or his/her substitute. The GP will refer you to the crisis service if necessary.
The Listening Line (088 0767 000). The Listening Line is available day and night for a listening ear.
113 Suicide Prevention (0800-0113): first aid for life pain, 24 hours a day. For people thinking about suicide.
In an emergency, call 112.
You can find information about a serious psychological crisis on Thuisarts.nl.''